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The world's greatest anti-slip musical instrument pad


Designed as a One Size Fits All if one GuitaGrip doesn't do the job you can apply as many as you choose.


Can be applied in any orientation or location on the instrument for maximum coverage.

Specially designed to stop your guitar from slipping while you're practicing, recording, or just playing with friends. 


Flexible enough to wrap around corners and sides, granting perfect positioning for maximum anti-slipping.

Strong enough to be removed and repositioned but thin enough that you wont even notice.


This product is designed to "lock-in" with multiple pads, for any customizable anti-slip coverage you need.

GuitaGrip has a PSA (pressure sensitive adhesive) backing, which doesn't leave residue, no matter how many times you peel it off and reposition.


Easy peel and place. It is strong enough to handle whatever you throw at it and can be easily removed. 

This Sponge Rubber technology doesn't absorbed moisture, doesn't become sticky, and retains it's anti-slipping properties.



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Mike Gross

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" I'm the king of klutz and it digs in like sandpaper. I don't want it to be seen and GuitaGrip is thin enough not to be. I like little investments like this and if you think you can use it, then go and check it out."

John - NV, United States

" I'm a amputee confined to a wheelchair and I have tried different products to help my guitar stay put while I play. I have tried them all and GuitaGrip is the best by far!

It keeps my SG guitar in place."

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Who We Are
Who Are We

Musicians saw a problem and decided to fix it. Located in Connecticut we strive everyday to help you hold on to what matters. 

Meet The Team


A metal fan at heart, Adam blazes his own path with custom riffs and music.



A rock drummer who holds nothing back to bang out the craziest fills. 

Don't let this slip away

Price $6.99

Contains 2 GuitaGrip, per package

Please allow 24-48 hours for processing

Delivery times can range between 3-7 business days domestic and 5-12 business days for international.




Free Domestic Shipping

Additional $1.50 

International shipping of 1 pack ONLY

Contact us for larger orders


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GuitaGrip should only be used for it intended purpose.
Place GuitaGrip at your OWN RISK. It has been tested on most guitar types but not all.
GuitaGrip is not meant to permanently stick to the lacquer base of your instrument.
GuitaGrip is intended to be replaced as needed, depending on use, environmental settings and you should be able to gently remove and replace GuitaGrip if need be.

NOTE: The products "stick" maybe become less and less, as you remove and re-position.
NOTE: It's recommended to remove and replace GuitaGrip every 4 weeks, do not leave GuitaGrip on instruments in severe conditions.

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PO Box 993, Bristol, CT 06011

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