The world's greatest anti-slip pad for your musical instruments. Hold on to what matters and GuitaGrip!

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                   is designed as a One Size Fits All. It can be removed and re-applied without leaving any residue.

The shape of                      allows you to apply in any orientation for maximum coverage.

GuitaGrip is designed to stop your guitar from slipping while you practice, recording or just playing with friends.       

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GuitaGrip uses a Sponge Rubber technology which will stop your instrument from slipping while playing. 


GuitaGrip has a PSA (pressure sensitive adhesive) backing, which doesn't leave residue, easy peel and place, strong enough to handle whatever you throw at it and can be easily removed. 


GuitaGrip is flexible enough to wrap around corners and sides, allowing positioning for maximum anti-slipping.

             is strong enough to be removed and repositioned but thin enough that you wont notice while you play.

The shape of                        allows you to apply it in any orientation for maximum coverage.



Mike Gross Review

Hands on Guitar Strings

We want to say thank you to Mike Gross and his review of GuitaGrip. He had a query about the design and its functionality

As Mike Gross illustrated in this video, GuitaGrip can be placed in any orientation, whatever works best for you. Click the image to be directed to his video for the review. 

Also check out his YouTube channel HERE for more!

Music Set
Music Set

Who We Are

Musicians who saw a problem and decided to fix it. 

We are a small business that is trying to grow a brand which we can be proud of.

Manufactured, processed and shipped in the USA to all over the world. 


Don't let this slip away

Contains 2 GuitaGrip, per package

Please allow 24-48 hours for processing

Delivery times can range between 3-7 business days

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Free Domestic Shipping

Additional $1.50 . International shipping of 1 packs ONLY.


GuitaGrip should only be used for it intended purpose.
Place GuitaGrip at your OWN RISK. It has been tested on most guitar types but not all.
GuitaGrip is not meant to permanently stick to the lacquer base of your instrument.
GuitaGrip is intended to be replaced as needed, depending on use, environmental settings and you should be able to gently remove and replace GuitaGrip if need be.

NOTE: The products "stick" maybe become less and less, as you remove and re-position.
NOTE: It's recommended to remove and replace GuitaGrip every 4 weeks, do not leave GuitaGrip on instruments in severe conditions.

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